Creative Project: Epilogue and Exegesis


Here we are at the end of the road. There’s been a lot of theory and a lot of creating, and now it’s time to wind it up. There’s been a lot of building with blocks, yet Operation Sassafras is not quite as finished as I would like. We (my friend who requested the airship) decided against doing the interior until the holidays and the back balloons still need to be connected,  but overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

I also found a nifty feature in Minecraft that tells you your stats – how convenient! So, for the course of this project I have spent 2.15 days (in real time) Minecrafting, and the airship consists of over 50,000 blocks. This is not including any time or blocks contributed by Matt in assisting me. There were of course many set backs (wicked problems, weather, lava, fire, explosions and the like) but it was certainly very interesting and a lot of fun.

And now, after much confuzzling, I have finally figured out how to do a video of the airship.
Hope you like it, and I’m happy to answer any questions :3

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Creative Project: Building Blocks

Last time in Operation Sassafras I outlined the beginnings of my creative project, which moved through the steps outlined by Dennis (2012) as The Brief, Research, Concepts and Development of Ideas. Yet before moving on to actually building anything in blocks, I had to assess the situation in the game world; learn the controls, investigate materials and figure out the scale. This required that I move back once again into the research stage.

Although I consider myself a hardcore gamer (all games, all the time. games-games-games), I am not much of a PC person. So while I can find my way around a controller, be it inverted y axis or southpaw layout, keyboard controls are still quite foreign to me. To familiarise myself with the controls, I set out to do the very first task any blocky minecraft-man must do… build a house. Now normally the act of building a house in minecraft is a necessity, for if you find yourself alone in the dark you are sure to be set upon by zombies and exploding creatures called creepers. However as I will be using creative mode (as previously discussed, this mode has all blocks available, no damage by enemies and flying) the terrors of the night are no danger to me, yet it is still a worthwhile activity to learn the ropes.

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Creative Project: Concepts

Too long it has been since last I recorded the progress of my Creative Project, but fear not; while the words may have momentarily stalled, the skies of Minecraft have been slowly been filling with blocks.  This post will cover the project development up to the final airship plan (Codename: Operation Sassafras), before the building in-game commenced. As a brief recap, the aim of my creative project is to build an immense airship within the videogame-world of Minecraft. The project acts not only a way for me to develop my creative processes and skills, but also an exercise in working creatively under the constraints of a game-engine.

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Creative Project: Preparation


Hmm, it seems this post is getting a lot of traffic from people searching for Minecraft Airships. If you’re wondering what this is all about, this post was originally part of my University journal where I had to document my process for a ‘creative project’ (which I decided was building a massive airship).

For those interested, you can view photos of the entire building process on flickr or check out a video of the (mostly) finished ship on youtube. It was the result of 2.15 days (real time) of building and consisted of over 50,000 blocks. Oh and good luck with your own crafting endeavours!


Original Blog Post

As John Hartman said in his presentation (Harman, 2012) the first step in working creatively is preparation, so for my creative project I feel it is important to plan ahead before any blocks are laid down. This opening process will involve studying existing designs, brainstorming ideas, sketching out concepts and reworking aspects until we have an airship of our very own. Unsurprisingly I’ve never built an airship before, nor designed/drawn one for that matter, so the first part of this creative project is to research a wide variety of ships (of the air, sea and space variety) online.


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Creative Project: IT BEGINS

Upon pondering the best kind of project to develop (and show off) my creative skills in CCA1103, I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the options of the what, why and how. There are a lot of creative things I like to do, be it drawing, painting, writing, building or making; but when I undertake a creative project I usually do so with with particular purpose in mind. So when tasked with starting a project that could be almost anything, my first question is where do I even start?

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a believer in creativity coming from divine intervention as with classical or medieval concepts of imagination (Ewing, 2012), but luckily the planets seemed to have aligned for things to work out on this one; having just discussed the building game Minecraft in my week 2 blog post, it turns out a friend had bought it for me for my birthday! I have long been intrigued by the game’s creative potential, but had not taken the opportunity to play it as I couldn’t rationalize spending the money or time on it while busy student-ing. So what better excuse to play a creative game than for a creative project?

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