DES2104 – Wk 6 Lecture

Week 6 was all about colour, which is good. I like colours 😀

Unfortunately one of the problems about colours when it comes to creating on a screen to be printed out is that “we work in opposite colour systems” (Medley, 2013). When we’re working on a monitor we’re looking at additive colours (the RGB gamut), and yet when we print things out it’s through subtractive colours (the CMYK gamut).

When working between these two formats, it is important to be aware that significant differences can occur as not all the same types of colours are represented. Thankfully if you have a great need to print a colour that’s unavailable in the CMYK gamut, it is possible to have a specific type mixed for you; in Australia these are generally referred to as ‘Pantone‘ colours in relation to the brand, but are also called ‘Pre Mixed Colours’ / Spot colours / Solid Colours. But then to make the job of getting the ‘right’ colour even more complex, these two formats still cannot fully represent the range of colours we can see in the real world. Gah!


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