GAME DESIGN: Hypersmash Heroes

An unreleased endless runner for mobile based on original mechanics developed by Amos Wolfe, with improved visuals and added complexity.


Dart up skyscrapers, dive over obstacles, and dash through the streets in a hyper coloured, hyper quick scifi city. Hypersmash Heroes is a futuristic runner for mobile, created in partnership with Moss Wolf Games.


A character with long hair and a trailing jacket runs along the walls of a never-ending corridor, moving higher as they leap back and forth from the left to right side. They move up the walls and slide down again to avoid blocks in their way, collect star coins, and power-ups that shield them or zoom them forward. Finally, they mistime a jump and hit one of the obstructing blocks, and explode into tiny cubes as the game stops.




  • Lead Designer / Programmer: Amos Wolfe
  • Level Designer / Artist: Jess Watson


  • Unity
  • Illustrator
  • Blender

Role: Designer / Artist

Involvement on this project included general game design, UI/UX, 3D modelling and animation. Levels were created in Unity, the user interface in Illustrator, and Blender was used to model and animate the low-ploy content.


User Interface Concepts


Low Poly Character


Low Poly Obstacles (Previous iteration)



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