[  Design Lead / Programming: Matt Dyet   |   User Interface / Design: Jess Watson
Writing / Narrative Design: Leigh Fitzpatrick   |   Sound Designer: Chris Head

Created in one weekend for Global Game Jam 2018, enCAPTURE is a seemingly simple image recognition game with a deep ARG story about the program’s artificial intelligence. Following the clues will take you to hidden files, tweets, blogs and reveal the true goal of the game.


Game screenshot with on-screen text reading "Stage 3, Puzzle 5 of 5, Timer 7:41. Select all images with a dog in it". Beneath it, a 3 by 3 grid of pictures depicting only cinnamon rolls.

Think you have a fast response time? See how quickly you can complete a series of simple recognition challenges. reCAPTIVE is a recognition and response time skill tester designed to gauge the transmission speed of visual stimuli to the brain, created with the support of a prototype Neural Network called Jambot18.

Screenshot of a twitter page. twisting gibberish letters cover the header and user name. The first tweet is a picture of cinnamon rolls, the second tweets is the words stop stop stop repeating continuously, the third tweet reads "Status... Estimated completion: 52.5843%. Projected time of generation completion: 28-01-18"    Screenshot of a Tumblr account named "Cinnamon Roll Fan". Header image is of golden cinnamon rolls, the user avatar is a golden puppy. The first line of the text post reads "Our Number One Cinnamon Roll Recipe! Cinnamon rolls are amazing. They are the greatest food ever created."

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