MOCAP: The Dark Room

Episode 1 Available now on Steam

Based on the comedy stage show of the same name, The Dark Room draws upon the punishing text-based adventure games of old. Utilising the facial motion capture the performances of creator John Robertson were distilled into the terrifying (and yet in no way exaggerated) yells, grimaces and cackles of The Guardian antagonist.


Addictive and vicious retro-styled comedy puzzler chock full of profanity, abuse, unfairness and warped logic. Will You: Go North? Find Light Switch? Cower and whimper like a beaten swine? Make your decision and escape The Dark Room! Just remember – YA DIE! YA DIE! YA DIE! YA DIE!

Facial Capture Sample


A man with long white hair stands close, with nothingness behind him, and pulls faces of disgust, boredom, & confusion. He wears exaggerated armour on his body and large shoulder pads covered in spikes. His movements repeat over and over, while the image glitches as though it is corrupted.




  • Faceware ProHD Headcam
  • Faceware Analyzer
  • Faceware Retargeter (MotionBuilder)
  • Jira

ROLE: Motion Capture Lead

As Motion Capture Lead, my role was to manage the shoot schedule, mocap pipeline and process facial capture data across Analyzer, and Retargeter. I also provided training and supervision for the Junior Animator in motion capture process.

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