Illustration: Festival Game Badges

The Achievement Badge Quest is a regular event at the Perth Games Festival, which encourages attendees to visit the key booths and play games made by local developers. Themed badges were created for each of the key games, as well as an additional ‘Town Hall’ started badge.

The challenge in designing these badges is bringing together the visually diverse range of characters and elements from the selected games to create matching series of images. The colours used for each year match with the colours used in the festival marketing.

2016 Badges

x4 Event Badges: Town Hall, a Skull, a flower and a Spaceship

[Badge References: Perth Town Hall, The Drowning Dungeons, BrambleLash, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy]

x4 Badges: D3bug character, Sleepy cat on a pile, 8-bit character, space ship

[Badge References: D3bug, Nekograms, Blitz BanditsArbalest 3035]

PerthGamesFestival2015_Badges3[Badge References: Down to One, Catnips, Bellus MortemCoderDojo WA]


2015 Badges


[Badge References: Perth Town Hall, Dead End Alley, Square Heroes, Nanotek Gladiators]


[Badge References: CoderDojo WA, Creedforge, Leave Em’ LaughingGun Dash]

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.25.38 pm

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