Level Design: Star Hammer – The Vanguard Prophecy


StarHammer_Icon[   Game Director: Paul Turbett |  Art Director: Anthony Carriero |  Lead Designer:  Anthony Sweet |
Level Designer: Jess Watson |  UI Artist: Richard Kong | 3D Artist: Mark Smith |
Music: Cedric Baravaglio |  Sound Design: Dan Bewick]

Take command of Naval Strike Group 7 and lead your fleet to victory in full 3D tactical space combat. Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy is a sci-fi strategy saga that will test your skills as both capital assault ship Captain and naval fleet
Available now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and iPad.

As Level Designer, I planned and positioned all level assets in Unity based on the game’s story. Level content was setup so as to introduce players to new game concepts in stages, and also took into account previous level locations in space (to maintain continuity). The player’s start location, as well as the enemy’s numbers, locations and time of appearance were set to ensure level playability and appropriate timing (e.g. reaching enemy or escape).


For the Manta update, additional skirmish maps were also created. The layout of each of these maps was designed to encourage players to use the level space in different ways.

Skirmish 1 - Buckyball  Skirmish 2 - The Gap

Skirmish 3 - Spiderweb  Skirmish 4 - The Scrapyard

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