GAME JAM: Cube PewPew

Comparison images between Square Heroes text reading “Multi Kill” and CubePewPew text reading “Many Dead”
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Created for Perth’s Potluck Collective bootleg-themed event, Cube PewPew is a satirical recreation of the Western Australian game Square Heroes. Given that one of the original game’s creators played this and had a laugh, we would call it a great success.


Nothing marks a high-quality game like the release of an unofficial knock-off. So we’ve taken everything good about the 2D multiplayer mayhem that is SQUARE HEROES, and made it 3D, and also much worse!


Gameplay from arcade fighter title Square Heroes, interchanged with gameplay from the parody title Cube PewPew. In Square Heroes, two dimensional square characters fly with jetpacks, defeating enemies that drop coins as text announcements pop-up. In Cube PewPew, three dimensional cube characters with bouncing buttocks fight and fly around with exaggeratedly weapons in a bad brick environment.  




  • Designer / Programmer: Amos Wolfe
  • 2D Artist: Jess Watson
  • Voice-Over: Drew Paridaens


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Unity

Role: 2D Artist

As the 2D Artist on the project, my role was to create assets that pay homage to the visual style of Square Heroes. This included flavour text with a silly spin, a wide range of character faces, 2D hats for 3D heads, and weapons crates that match the in-game items.

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