GAME DESIGN: GGJ17 Ravelength

[   Artist: Hien Pham   |   Designer / Animator: Jess Watson   |   Programmer: Amos Wolfe
Designer / Manager: Leigh Fitzpatrick   |   Sound Designer: Rohan Ford

Created in one weekend for Global Game Jam 2017, Ravelength challenges you to match audio tracks with dancers’ wavelengths. Check out the pages on the Green, Pink and Red characters for a closer look at the animations I also worked on.

ravelength_title_screen     ravelength_red_sad

¸.•*¨*•Match the wavelength to max the ravelength!•*¨*•.¸
To be a successful DJ you need to play music that matches the vibes of the people on the dance floor. Match the sound of your tracks to the wavelengths of the three dancers.

How to Play:

  • Hover your mouse over a record to listen to the track.
  • Find the track that matches a dancer’s wavelength.
  • Drag the record to the turntable and press play to get the dancer’s reactions.
  • Match all 3 to keep the rave going!

ravelength_tutorial_1_0     ravelength_tutorial_2_0


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