GAME DESIGN: Sideffect GamePlan

Sideffect GamePlan is an interactive story that teaches teenagers practical skills for recognising and avoiding risks associated with alcohol and other drugs. Created in association with Sideffect Australia and Edith Cowan University, this game will be trialled in schools in 2022.


In Sideffect GamePlan, students navigate a party from 3 unique perspectives, to explore the decisions, influences, and consequence that can affect young adults using alcohol and other drugs. An accompanying Health and Physical Education curriculum for Year 9/10 students has been developed for use alongside the game, allowing teachers to directly connect learning objectives with in-game scenarios.

Beta Screenshots



  • Studio: Edith Cowan University
    • School of Medical and Health Sciences
    • Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts
  • Client: Sideffect Australia


  • Unity
  • Vicon Shogun

Role: Lead Game & Narrative Designer

In this project I was responsible for the game design, narrative design, and motion capture recording. The game features a branching narrative that reveals the party’s sequence of events from three different perspectives, with motion capture and voice acting performances by WAAPA students.

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