The Meningococcal Infection, Awareness Prevention and Protection (MIApp) is an educational game for secondary school students created in association with the Amanda Young Foundation and Edith Cowan University. Using a relatable, engaging story it aims to teach students about the signs, symptoms and risks of Meningococcal Disease. This game will be trialled in schools starting 2022.


A young girl has fallen ill, and the prime suspect is the dangerous Meningococcal Bacteria. Where might she have caught it, and who else might have it? Join the Detect & Protect Agency in a race against time to find out what meningococcal disease looks like, and how to stop the spread!

Alpha Screenshots & Concepts

A bacteria-like character sits at a table, as the Chief detective questions them. A casefile, open to the evidence page where a tent and cooler have been noted.A water bottle is scanned for evidence A screen from the in-game "Buddy App" where a relevant fact must be selected

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  • Studio: Edith Cowan University
    • School of Medical and Health Sciences
    • School of Arts and Humanities
    • Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts
  • Client: The Amanda Young Foundation


  • Unity
  • Adobe Illustrator

Role: Lead Designer

In this project I was responsible for the game design, narrative design, and 2D asset creation.

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