Animation: Ceremony Time AR

Animation of an original artwork ‘Ceremony Time’ by an Indigenous detainee engaged in the Dream Gallery project, and exhibited by 2 Constitution Avenue. Created for viewing in Augmented Reality through the EyeJack app, with sound design by Narayana Johnson.

Together with ACT Corrective Services, 2 Constitution Avenue proudly hosts Dream Gallery – a curated exhibition of original artworks created by Indigenous detainees.

Journey through the exhibition to read rehabilitation stories from the artists revealing the powerful connection between culture, community and natural environment.

Selected artworks within the exhibition have been animated through augmented reality (AR) technology


Caption reads “Dream Gallery, Ceremony Times. Work in Progress (Augmented Reality View)”. Video shows paper printed with the Ceremony Time painting of a face with bared teeth and headband, surrounded by dot-painting circles and concentric circles symbolising travel and meeting places. A digital version appears over the paper, and the patterns move as the faces smiles and looks at them. The video transitions to the Dream Gallery website, and the caption updates to “Final Version via Website,” before a similar animation occurs over the Ceremony Times image along with music.


This is a ceremonial mask that came to mind in a dream.

Painting helps me heaps as it has made me realise that I am actually good at something and I could do art in the community and sell it at markets.

Person No.000123


  • Studio: EyeJack
  • Artist: “Person No.000123”
  • Animation: Jess Watson
  • Sound Designer: Narayana Johnson


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects

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