Game Reviews

This page features my reviews with the Australian games site Esperino, for which I was a Senior News Editor and Reviewer between 2011-2014.


There’s nothing quite like a bit of crafting to while away an hour… or five. The simple joy found in sourcing resources, deducing item combinations and crafting your very own world from nothing is one that has firmly grasped onto the minds of gamers everywhere. TownCraft is the latest game to hone in on our craving for creating, this time taking the process one step further by encouraging you to carve out your own little town, complete with shops, taverns and a bevy of citizens.

This enjoyable adventure into furniture making and workforce management is the first title from Flat Earth Games, a Sydney studio headed by siblings Elissa and Leigh Harris. If those names already sound familiar to your gaming ears, it is likely you have come across their work in other areas of the field; Elissa is a contributing writer to Player Attack and BigPond Arena, while Leigh is also known as the founder of the Australian and New Zealand games industry and trade publication MCV Pacific.

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