Assassin Fashionista
In reference to my personal style of playing Assassin’s Creed, because when Ezio dyes his clothes in the game, of course he need the matching cape. But then obviously the recruits need to look the part… and you just can’t go with a horse that clashes. Heaven forbid!

Assassin Fashionista Comic (2010)» Click here to view via deviantart

No Saves No Trades
This single panel comic was created for the (now defunct) game site Hammerspace, as a commentary on Capcom’s ‘permantent save’ feature for Resident Evil Mercenaries. This feature meant that only one save file was allowed in the game, which could not be reset or removed; a tactic believed to have been implemented to disallow the title from being resold secondhand (See Wired article for more details).

Capcom - Mercenaries Comic

Gift Comic
A picture request that turned into a comic. “Draw me riding a blue yoshi!” Ask and ye shall receive…
(Names of the featured guests have been removed)

Comic Request - Riding a Blue Yoshi

Gender through Comics
A quick comic created as part of the Super MOOC class. The purpose of this project was to draw from our own experiences of gender and create a comic about it. The colour palette and style used were intended to reflect that of the golden age comics.

Gender through Comics - Project

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