DES2104 – Wk 10 Tutorial

This tutorial I spent much of my time trying to find out if there was any specific research into Graphic Design for highschool-aged students. I also drew up some sketches of illustrations based on the different ‘key messages’ for the year group. Here’s some of the ideas I’ve had so far:

Key Message:

1. There are a number of political, economic and societal complexities which influence healthy food production, supply and demand in Australia and around the globe.


  • Show the journey for different elements of a single meal travel across the (double page spread), to all end up in the same end meal. I.e. Stirfry being made up of: rice being harvested, travelling by boat to australia then to shops + see cattle grazing, line of trucks moving beef to shops + vegetables in backyard garden (carrots?).
  • Front cover of a variety of foods sitting around a board room table, arguing/discussing; perhaps reminiscent of United Nations. Looking at Pie Charts? (Oh ho ho). Have hamburger arguing with a cow? Organic food arguing with genetically modified food? May be interesting/engaging as a cover, and show case ideas, but may be too ‘childish’ for teenage age group?
  • Genetically modified food? Evil scientist with different ‘super foods’. Good foods versus unhealthy foods. Could include pop culture elements like scientist akin to the  Professor from power puff girls, superfood with super-man esque symbol, food climbing building ala King Kong. etc.

Brainstorming_DiffCOuntriesFood  Brainstorming_GeneticallyModified

Key Message:

2. It is important to critically analyse nutritional and health information and influential factors to make well informed food and drink choices.


  • Person shopping and looking at nutritional information on food/ surrounded by different advertising messages. Have messages displayed similar to those students may see on television regularly, or may be of particular concern to them (Low fat!) etc.
  • Have page layout like an ‘average nutritional information’ page, or like the back of a ceral box? Highlight key areas with image of a magnifying glass, to symbolise looking and scrutinising evidence.


In terms of research into illustrating for teenagers, I’ve mostly found things about kids in general, but they may have bits for separate age groups. Some journals articles I’ve found so far that may be of use include:

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