DES2104 – Wk 5 Tutorial

In the week 5 tutorial we started brain storming on what to do for our first project, which for me was a backing display for the Freefall exhibit at the Gravity Center. Here’s the brief:

Freefall Exhibit

Description: The Freefall exhibit is designed to show what happens to our weight during a short period of freefall. In freefall an object becomes “weightless”. It weighs nothing. The exhibit shows a weighted toy man falling from a height of about 5m. Digital scales show how his weight changes to zero during his freefall. Visitors press a button to operate the exhibit. The exhibit requires a background image.

Project Outline: The purpose of the project is to make the exhibit more exciting by providing a stimulating background image. The background image should emphasize “falling”. The image could be a person in freefall with a background of clouds and mountains. The image should capture the mood of acceleration due to freefall. It could contain blurriness to depict fast motion, or similar. It may contain symbols and text (eg physics for gravitational acceleration).

Dimensions: approx 3.5m high x 0.5m wide

We attempted to brainstorm a number of ideas, before discussing these with a partner and then in a larger group. In the group I took notes on everyone’s ideas so that we could repeat them back to the class; we were only supposed to list 3 ideas per person, but it seems I forgot that bit and explained way too much! D:

After some pondering and brainstorming on the free fall exhibit, I decided to go with a diving scene as a way of (safely) depicting people freefalling. As I was thinking of heavy items to include in the falling process, Jess mentioned that a whale would look cool. Perfect! We decided that a falling whale would be an excellent way to compare freefall weights and it’s a sneaky Douglas Adams reference for the cool kids and parents who check out the display.


After our brainstorming session we began working on Exercise number 5. But more on that here.

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