DES2104 – Wk 5 Lecture

Week 5 was on typography, a very important subject that was unable to learn as I missed the lecture (You will this round alarm clock!) D:

Things I have discerned thus far from the Lecture slides:

    • Much like with image sets, the elements of a typeface need to be notably linked with aspects like angles and line width;
    • There is a system behind the heights of letters, this is referred to as the x-height. Will have to investigate this further;

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.30.10 AM

    • As we discussed in week 1 with the Bouba_kiki effect, there are particular connotations associated with particular shapes (such as curves vs sharp edges). As such it is important to consider the ‘feel’ of particular fonts;
    • “Scott Dadich’s law of optical volumes. Kerning is a measure of volume not leading.” (Medley, 2013);
    • There is a wide variety of techniques one can use to split a page, for the purpose of planning your layout.

Other things to look into:

  • Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style
  • Van de Graaf canon
  • The Golden section
  • The Grid
  • The Neue Schwizer Grafik approach



Medley, S. (2013, 4 April). Type: Micro & Macro. Lecture presented in Vector Illustration. Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

[Image 1] Typography Line Terms [Digital Image]. (2007). Retrieved from

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[Image 3] Creative Automaton. (2011). The Golden Ration [Digital Image]. Retrieved from

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