DES2104 – Exercise 4 ‘Vector to Raster’


During the Week 5 tutorial we spent some time playing with gradients before dabbling in file-saving for Exercise 4. The task for this exercise was to create an image in Illustrator using 3 polygon tools with a coloured background. Following this we were to save it in a variety of file types and assess which is the smallest and what effect the different file types had on the image’s quality.

Of the six different file types used, the one with the smallest file size was the ‘gif’. Yet when it came to best visual quality for the the lowest size, the png format performed significantly better. On further investigation, when saving the image to jpg one can alter the level of quality in order to lower the size. By reducing the quality level of the jpg to ‘8’ (high) I was able to reduce the file size significantly without significantly altering the image.


the more you know!

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