DES2104 – Exercise 3 ‘The dotty type’

Following the Week 4 tutorial we were tasked with investigating type further…

To do so we were tasked with investing various magazines and looking at the typical colours and styles of text used within them.

Unfortunately my household is not one for owning magazines, so instead I looked towards my second home… the building 3 computer labs D: The magazine I found was a more technology-focused edition, which included mostly black, white and grey text; although for some articles coloured text was used that matched the theme of the page. I think the reason colours tend to be either dark on a light background, or light on a white background (as opposed to grey tones) so that solid colours can be used in printing instead of screening?

Following a search through the magazines, we were tasked with drawing a lowercase “a” in black pen. I was going to draw the letter “a”…. but I’m a rebel (a nerdy rebel) so instead I drew the letter “J” (because it’s awesome). The first drawing it was full colour, which the second time round we were to attempt to make it look as though it was 50% grey (no outlines!). I first attempted to do this using lines, as I already tried a dotted style ala screen printing in the Week 4 tutorial, and I found that it did make it look a little lighter, however it also resulted in the edge of the letter appearing ‘unclear’ (although that could have just been my poor line-drawing skills). Then on my second attempt using dots, the letter looked significantly lighter, and far clearer. 🙂 Huzzah.


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