DES2104 – Wk 3 Tutorial + Exercise 2

For the Week 3 tutorial we worked on exercise number 2, which involved designing “a pictogram of a face with careful consideration paid to figure/field (or positive and negative space) relationships”. One of the requirements of the design was that the sections would need to connect, so that it could be cut out and all parts would remain in place. To begin with I sketched some different styles, experimenting with possible angles, ‘shadows, and trying to look at what parts could be positive or negative space. Eventually I came across the idea of using musical notes and symbols, which I found quite interesting, so I decided to continue working on it as though the brief had been given by a music school (or some other music-related business.

Ninjeska_Ex2a Ninjeska_Ex2b

A photo of the final face cut-out

In the end I came up with a design that uses only musical symbols and can be viewed differently depending on your view of the positive/negative space; it can be seen as both a face in profile looking to the left (if you pay attention to just the large white segmenta0, but also as a full face looking forward (if you view the black space as the other half of the face, with the ‘quaver rest’ symbol as an eye).

The design also managed to created its own little tagline which amused me to no end; You’ve seen the ‘rest’, now it’s time to meet the face of music. (Which has the extra implication that if the reader is familiar with the quaver ‘rest’, then they’re in the know and are ready to meet said music-organisation . Oh ho ho ho ho).

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