Creative Project: Concepts

Too long it has been since last I recorded the progress of my Creative Project, but fear not; while the words may have momentarily stalled, the skies of Minecraft have been slowly been filling with blocks.  This post will cover the project development up to the final airship plan (Codename: Operation Sassafras), before the building in-game commenced. As a brief recap, the aim of my creative project is to build an immense airship within the videogame-world of Minecraft. The project acts not only a way for me to develop my creative processes and skills, but also an exercise in working creatively under the constraints of a game-engine.

The first step taken, as previously discussed back in August, was that of preparation; as suggested by John Harman, I began with seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources (Harman, 2012). Following this was the process of designing the airship, which may be considered to exist as part of the concentration stage (Harman, 2012). In the weeks that followed the last project post, I worked intently on ideas and layouts for the airship. As the purpose of the ship is to be a ‘base of operation’ for my friend Matt on his server, this stage involved a great deal of discussion back and forth as we settled on a ‘brief’ of the ship, weighed up design elements and styles, and refined the concepts.

The first requirements were outlined as a steampunk style; at least two ballons; a wooden ship-body; glass viewing port at the ship front; and purpose-built functioning rooms. From this starting point we brainstormed additional aspects, considering the ship’s purpose, the layout, and limitations of the game engine. I also looked into cruise ships and the facilities they offer, as a new perspective from the war-oriented battleships we had previously viewed.

[Image 1]
The ‘airship wishlist’ thus evolved to include:

    • Large rudder to steer ship
    • Big fans to propel in calm winds
    • Observation deck/ command station
    • Wings to stabilize?
    • Ship bridge
    • Storage rooms (Fuel/ smaller transport aircrafts)
    • Park with gardens and trees
    • Theatre room with glass dome
    • Pool?
    • Gas canisters in balloons?
    • Multiple water fountains
    • Green house/ food supply station
    • Engine room
    • Living rooms

After discussing these aspects, I worked on sketches of the airship; trying out different designs, seeking feedback from Matt, refining concepts and trying new ideas. Looking back on this development process employed, I now notice how it reflects the system discussed by Paul Dennis, the guest lecturer in week 7. When Paul outlined the creative process he employs, he spoke of – The Brief, Research, Concepts, Development of Ideas, Production (Dennis, 2012). This process led to the development of the final plan for the airship, codenamed: Operation Sassafras.



The next stage in the process was investigating the in-game world, including the game physics, controls and available resources. More on that step in the process next time.


Dennis, P. (2012, September 14). Design Principles. Guest lecture presented in Creativity: Theory, History and Practice. Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

Harman, J. (2012, August 17). Personal Creative Process. Guest Lecture presented in Creativity: Theory, History and Practice.Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.


Note: All images, unless otherwise referenced, are the sole work of myself.

[Image 1] Minecraft HD [Digital Image]. (2011). Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Creative Project: Concepts

  1. A steampunk airship is an outstanding goal Jess (great drawings btw). Having an actual real client for your creative project seems to be a big bonus, rather than a hindrance or an extra layer of responsibility. It must be reassuring to have someone impose some kind of boundaries and rules. I have a client (my sister) but she’s pretty much said ‘Do whatever you want’ which leaves me stressing in every direction rather than just one or two.

    • Thanks Melanie! Yeah, I’m lucky that Matt sits at a good middle ground between having aspects he’s interested in including, while being open to suggestions. Also glad you like the drawings :3

      As a plus on having free rein on your sister’s cookie advertisement, in the very least it’s good she’s not placing strange or super-difficult requirements on you. That’s really stressful -_-;

      Actually on that note, you know the movie Wild Wild West? (A weird, comedy western featuring Will Smith). Despite the Western theme the movie had a giant mechanical spider in it, simply because the producer Jon Peter wanted it to. He also tried to force them put a giant mechanical spider in ‘The Sandman’ movie and the Superman movie O_O;

      So… at least she doesn’t want a giant mechanical spider in it? Right?

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