Wk 8 – Analogical addendum

As it turns out, writing blog posts in the middle of the night may increase the likelihood of forgetting things. One aspect of our week 8 tutorials which I overlooked in my previous post was our analogical thinking activities. It may be a late addition, but they are still worth mentioning.

Is Coke it?

In line with the activities provided in the Davis reading (2004), we were encouraged to bring together a difficult situation with otherwise-unrelated characters and/or ideas; by looking to other domains and considering the elements of copying, combining and transforming we were to create a cartoon on the subject (Ferguson, 2011). The first combination I chose was that of drug problems in school and the coca cola commercial “Coke is it”.

[Image 1]
To create my cartoon I investigated different video and print aspects of the coca cola commercial, and consider ways that it could move across to the school situation.It turns out that the original ‘Coke is it’ campaign went around in the 80’s – which explains why I’d never heard of it before. Considering that school kids today wouldn’t know the slogan, I thought instead the cartoon could be aimed at its original market; the young target audience of then would now be the parents of today.
Hence, my cartoon:

By mimicking the position and appearance of the advertisement’s characters, and transforming the tagline to imply cocaine rather than coca cola, I created a comic that combined the two elements. While ‘Is coke it?’ may be less grammatically correct that say, ‘Is it coke?’ – I felt transforming the words in this way was more noticeable (though still logical), and would make viewers stop for a moment to consider the statement; if parents are questioning what is different about their child’s behavior, they may think “What is it?” – this then taps into that thought with “Is coke it?”. (Let us all completely ignore the obvious unlikelihood of it being coke).

Kids with guns

The second subject I decided to work on was combining Snow White, with the situation of school children bringing guns to school in the US (Davis, 2004). To create the image I drew from the familiar childhood-depiction of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs ala Walt Disney, and played on the names of the dwarfs. To depict a ‘badass’ type of attitude for the new dwarf, I added 70s style aviator sunglasses for their particular associations in popular culture. Similarly the particular gun featured, an Uzi, is a small gun many may be familiar with from it’s depiction in modern media (such as military first person shooter games).

That’s enough analogical thinking for one day.
Until next time’


Davis, G. A. (2004). Definitions and Theories. Creativity is forever. (5th Ed.). USA: Kendell/Hunt.

Ferguson, K. (2011, June 22). Everything is a Remix Part 3 [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq5D43qAsVg&feature=fvwrel


[Image 1] Coke is It [Screen Capture]. (n.d.). http://www.orderofdisarray.com/2009/03/flashback.html

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