Creative Project: Preparation


Hmm, it seems this post is getting a lot of traffic from people searching for Minecraft Airships. If you’re wondering what this is all about, this post was originally part of my University journal where I had to document my process for a ‘creative project’ (which I decided was building a massive airship).

For those interested, you can view photos of the entire building process on flickr or check out a video of the (mostly) finished ship on youtube. It was the result of 2.15 days (real time) of building and consisted of over 50,000 blocks. Oh and good luck with your own crafting endeavours!


Original Blog Post

As John Hartman said in his presentation (Harman, 2012) the first step in working creatively is preparation, so for my creative project I feel it is important to plan ahead before any blocks are laid down. This opening process will involve studying existing designs, brainstorming ideas, sketching out concepts and reworking aspects until we have an airship of our very own. Unsurprisingly I’ve never built an airship before, nor designed/drawn one for that matter, so the first part of this creative project is to research a wide variety of ships (of the air, sea and space variety) online.


After trawling through the depths of google image search and delving into works of many an art community, there are a number of features that I am interested in working into the design. Due to the very nature of Minecraft there are however unique constraints that need to be considered, such as of the blocky style, limited resources and basic circuitry options. As the game consists only of squares, there are many aesthetic aspects that have the potential to be quite problematic, including the very essence of an ‘airship’ i.e. air balloons and the curves of the ship’s bow. This means it is also hugely important to look at airship designs built within Minecraft, to see what does (and more importantly doesn’t) translate well to the medium.


Although I will be responsible for the project’s design and construction, the purpose of the airship is to be Matt’s intimidating base of operations. Therefore as the customer he has his own requests of aspects to be included and will be consulted with at various points in the design process. The initial brief for the airship is that it should:

  • Steampunk style
  • Have at least 2 balloons (containing gas canisters)
  • Have parts of the body made of wood
  • Have a glass viewing port at the front
  • Have purpose-built, functioning rooms

Throughout the week my plan is to sketch a wide variety of airship concepts that include the aforementioned requirements; I will then confer with Matt and rework them until we have a final solid design. Then the gaming work can begin!


Harman, J. (2012, August 17). Personal Creative Process. Guest Lecture presented in Creativity: Theory, History and Practice. Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

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3 thoughts on “Creative Project: Preparation

  1. This is great Jess – I can tell this is going to be interesting already. Sounds like a lot of full on work, but a lot of fun at the same time! 🙂

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