Wk 2 – What better time to write than midnight?

This week’s lecture ‘Creativity: A Historical View’ (Ewing, 2012) travelled through time to explain key points in our ‘understanding’ of creativity (though as the lecturer noted, from a very eurocentric perspective). I found the Post-Industrial concept of creativity especially interesting, as I had never really looked (objectively) at my own perception and value of creativity. This age is characterised by creative industries and art being made and consumed as a sign of an individual’s identity; this is practically epitomised in my degree, a bachelors of Creative Industries majoring in Game Design. I see myself as creative, as a gamer and my study acts to commodify both my interest and my creativity. tl;dr I want to make money by creating games.

Image[Image 1]

In this week’s reading ‘Cock-crow‘, Ekirch (2005) describes how the growth of artificial light acted to illuminate the once-mysterious night and led people to engage with the world and each other differently. Previously the night was a time to sleep and reflect on one’s thoughts and dreams. The inaccessibility of the world in darkness also gave rise to superstitions as a creative means of explaining the world. The social and cultural realities created by artificial light gave rise to new activities and encouraged evening entertainments, while also being a part of a movement away from superstition toward an appreciation of logical thought. The concept of cultural influence is summarised well in the Handbook of Creativity (Feldman, 1999), noting that;

“There are indeed certain instances in which social/cultural realities largely determine the possibility or lack of possibility for developing creativity in a given field.”

In the same way that artificial light changed the possibilities for creativity, so too has the existence of games shaped the possibilities for creating concepts, stories, worlds and even experiences. But perhaps it also acts to close off the opportunities for creation outside of the digital field. For example, my young cousin used to be a big fan of Lego; spending hours creating lego cities and vehicles, however now he has moved to the game Minecraft, a world in which you can create just about anything with digital blocks. The advancement in technology has opened up new avenues, while at the same time lessening creativity in another outlet (yet at least in this instance they are a similar form of creating).

Build a Lego House? Or build a Minecraft EMPIRE??

What’s a kid to do these days; Lego house [Image 2] or an entire Minecraft Empire? [Image 3]

I find it interesting that the night was previously considered as mysterious and inaccessible, especially as I myself am quite a nocturnal person. I find that I am awake and most creative (developing good ideas, figuring out problems etc) late at night, and I honestly have difficulty imagining living my days by the hours of sun. In effect technology has acted to remove the concept of ‘night’ for me altogether, as I will often play games or chat with people across the other side of the world, commenting on what I did during my day while they say what they plan to do that day.

Perhaps tellingly, it’s 1:30am as I finish this and I have work tomorrow. I found this to be the best time to write, but I guess I should go to sleep (you win this round society!)
Wish me luck for this week’s early morning classes!


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5 thoughts on “Wk 2 – What better time to write than midnight?

  1. Sweet entry! Very very detailed. I loved one of your points towards the end where you talk about how the night was something once mysterious and inaccessible which is crazy to think now how at the flick of the switch we can have light when ever we want, and it’s not impossible for me to be sitting at my desk past 3.30 in the morning commenting on peoples blogs. Haha 😀

    • Look at you, showing up my late-night posting with even later-night posting! (:<

      I'm almost tempted to try to one-up you by commenting at 4am… but while I'm no longer constrained by the hours of the sun, I'm still going to pass out eventually. (Not to mention the fact that class tomorrow will be hard enough in the morning, let alone on 4 hours of sleep.)

      You win this round Ryan! *shakes fist at you*

  2. So true, I find it a double edged catch 22 situation. It is the best for me as well, and yet I find the next day I need lots of coffee to keep me going. But this is the way of the future.

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